The Story of the Otiem Copper Water Bottle

The Story of the Otiem Copper Water Bottle

We’re proud that we’ve created a high quality 100% natural copper water bottle, perfect for the on the go lifestyle of our modern world, that still honors ancient Ayurvedic traditions. But how did we pull this off? And why did we do it in the first place?

Years ago, one of our founders was camping, practicing Yoga and rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park over Thanksgiving weekend.

One night under the stars, the topic of PH balanced alkaline water came up, and the many health benefits that come along with it.  The group talked about how hard it was to get good quality water into the desert. Since there are no natural sources of water nearby, all water has to be packed in and more often than not, this water is bought in large plastic bottles from gas stations or grocery stores outside of the park.

Additionally, it is hard to find high quality alkaline water in bulk, even if you’re not in the middle of a desert. Most of the time, it is only available in small individual quantities or you have to create your own at home with expensive alkaline machines. As you can imagine, after a few days of climbing and practicing Yoga in the hot desert sun, even if you made your own alkaline water and packed it to the park, this stuff runs out fast.

Since we try to be as eco conscious as we can, we’re not gonna continuously buy wasteful individual plastic water bottles for our adventuring, so we we’re forced to buy whatever water we can get close by, regardless of the quality.

In turn, because everyone is forced to drink lower quality water for the sake of the availability and the environment, they sacrifice all the proven health benefits that come with drinking alkaline water. A worthy sacrifice, but it was something we still wished we didn’t have to do. Especially as athletes and people who are always on the go.

That’s when we had an idea, what if there was a natural way to somehow create alkaline water, naturally, portably, anywhere in the world. If we could turn any water into alkaline water, then it wouldn’t matter where it came from! Then any water could give you the health benefits that comes with drinking proper alkaline charged water!

It was this idea that led us to the discovery and research of the ancient Indian practice of Ayurvedic medicine, the effect natural copper has on water and eventually, to the creation of the Otiem Copper Water Bottle.

After our design team had nailed the concept for the perfect bottle, it was time to actually manufacture them, and we knew if we were gonna do this, we had to do it right. We needed to go to the masters, so we went over 8000 miles to find them! That’s why Otiem partnered with skilled artisans in India to create each and every bottle by hand, in proper ayurvedic tradition, the way they’ve been doing it for hundreds of years.

Each bottle is handcrafted, polished, then individually inspected by one of our team members to make sure it lives up to Otiem’s high standard of quality, before it is even put on our shelves.

Since our bottles are fulfilled and shipped to you exclusively from our warehouses in the USA, and to honor the California desert that started it all, we proudly put an American Flag on all of our packaging. Even though these days our founders are more like nomads who’ve lived all over the globe, it’s our small thank you to the country where this idea was born, and a reminder to us that in our own small way, we’re able to help contribute to the employment of the hardworking people all over the country who process orders, box, ship and deliver our bottles to you every single day.

Our companies have proudly sold products in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada and even to active US military service members stationed in Guam.

We believe the Otiem Copper water bottle is the perfect blend of our North American active, healthy and eco conscious lifestyle, while still honoring and supporting the Indian people who perfected the ancient techniques that helped Ayurveda and Otiem come to life, and allow us bring our bottles to you, all over the globe.

From the mountains of Canada to the desert of the USA, to the gyms of New York to the Yoga classes of Austin, to wherever you are in the globe. We hope you’re enjoying your Otiem copper water bottle, and we thank you for supporting our dream, your body’s health, and the planet by buying one.

Yours truly,
Otiem Co-Founders