Are your bottles made of 100% pure copper?

Yes! You can drink from our bottles with confidence knowing our bottles have even been 3rd party tested to ensure they are pure authentic and natural copper. In fact, part of the reason our bottles have our logo on the bottom is we want you to know that when you see a copper water bottle with an Otiem logo, you can rest assured knowing it’s nothing but 100% pure natural copper!

Unfortunately a lot of the other copper water bottle companies cut corners by falsely claiming that their bottles are 100% copper when in fact, they are metal bottles lined or plated with copper.

At Otiem, it’s worth it to us to make less profit and spend more money on manufacturing our bottles to ensure we only use 100% high quality natural, food safe copper. Nothing else. We would never sell you something that we ourselves and our families wouldn’t want to drink from.

I saw a copper water bottle somewhere cheaper, is it real copper?

We always try to keep our prices low and competitive while still offering you the highest quality water bottles possible.  So be aware of any sellers on other sites who sell “copper water bottles” for prices that seem too good to be true. Copper is a natural mineral, and with any mineral, you definitely get what you pay for.

If you see one of our competitors offering a copper water bottle for something like $19.99…I’d be very cautious about where it’s coming from. Chances are it's cheap metal that's only lined with copper, or is only partly copper, if it even has any real copper in it at all. Unfortunately a lot of companies are selling fake copper water bottles, that are really just cheap knockoffs from China. These products can be dangerous so be careful! All of our ethical competitors sell copper water bottles for around the same market price of what we sell ours for.

Our customers choose Otiem bottles because when you buy from us or see our logo,  you know you are getting nothing but 100% pure natural copper that won’t make you sick! And since we are owned and operated in North America, we hold our products to North American health standards and never cut corners when it comes to your health. It’s just not worth it to us.

By investing in an Otiem copper water bottle, you get to stand behind our logo and promise that you’ve invested in your health and safety.

Do Otiem copper water bottles ever go on sale?

Sometimes, but not very often. Like Apple or Dyson we try to keep our prices consistent. However sometimes we do have flash sales or last minute deals so check back in! You never know! 

Are your bottles leak proof?

You bet. We’ve added a water tight seal to makes sure nothing gets out that’s not supposed to. We’ve designed these bottles for leak free travel. So bring them to work, school, the gym, or Yoga class without having to worry about spills!

What are the health benefits of drinking from an Otiem Copper water bottle?

Drinking water throughout the day from a copper water bottle has many benefits, here are just a few!

✓ Helps with digestive Issues

✓ Weight loss

✓ Slows down aging

✓ Cardiovascular health

✓ Hemoglobin level

✓ Regulates the thyroid glands

✓ Brain and Memory  

✓ Anti-inflammatory

For more in depth details, read more on blog here!

Are your copper water bottles handmade?

Yes. Each bottle is handcrafted by a skilled artisan.  A skilled artisan! In 2019! Let’s see Siri do that!

Are your copper water bottles lined with any other materials?

Nope. All our bottles are made of nothing but pure natural copper. That’s it.

What’s the difference between the hammered and smooth copper water bottles?

Technically the style does slightly change the surface area of the bottle, however both bottles are still the same size and hold 1 litre / 34 OZ’s of water. Essentially it comes down to your aesthetic preference. Some customers prefer hammered, others prefer smooth, so we give you both options!

Can Otiem copper water bottles really create natural alkaline water?

Yeah! Pretty cool right! Otiem copper water bottles are essentially natural alkaline water machines! There have been many studies that talk about the benefits of alkaline water. (You can even read more about it on our blog!) In fact, an Otiem bottle can save you a lot of money since Alkaline water machines are expensive! One of the reasons we started making and selling these bottles, was for this very reason!

How long does it take for an Otiem copper water bottle to make alkaline water?

For best practices, we recommend storing water overnight for around 8 hours for the desired effect. Fill your water bottle before bed and by breakfast, you should have great tasting alkaline water ready for you to take on the day!

Of course, the alkaline process depends on a few things like temperature, and the original PH level of your water source, but the longer you can keep the water inside the Otiem bottle, the more it will become increasingly alkaline! To learn more about Ayurveda, check out our blog!

Will drinking from an Otiem copper water bottle help me drink more water?

Drinking from an Otiem bottle has been said to make water taste even better! So if you’re someone who prefers to drink soda and has a hard time drinking the recommended amount of water per day, try buying an Otiem copper water bottle, it just might help! Plus, it’s so stylish you’ll want to carry it around and show it off, and if you’re walking around with a water bottle all day, chances are you’re gonna be drinking from it.

What does water stored in a copper bottle taste like?

Delicious. Pure, natural and fresh! People who claim drinking water from copper water bottles tastes metallic, have obviously never tried an Otiem before! 

Will water from an Otiem taste like copper?

No, however your mind may play a trick on you because your nose will be able to smell the copper from the bottle initially when you first start drinking from a copper water bottle, so at first it may seem like your water tastes like copper. But this is just a placebo effect. If you pour water into a glass, then taste it, you'll see you won't be able to taste a thing. We've done blind taste tests and people can't tell the difference between water that was in Otiem copper water bottle in a glass vs. water that has never been inside one. It's all in our heads. Most of our customers stop noticing anything within a few hours of using the Otiem copper water bottle.


What is Aruveda?

We’re glad you asked! It’s an awesome ancient Indian technique with many proven health benefits. We have a great post about it here on our blog!

Can I get sick from drinking from too much from a copper water bottle? What about consuming all that copper?

Nope! Always keep your bottle clean to avoid normal germ related issues, however there is no risk of consuming too much copper from one of these bottles. Rest assured knowing the technique of storing water in copper has been around for centuries in India, even though it’s new to North America. In fact, the WHO recently concluded that a human can drink up to 2mg of copper per litre of water. Water stored in a copper vessel overnight absorbs less than 1/20th of that amount of copper. Very far below safe limits. If you feel sick drinking from one of these, it’s most likely a placebo and your mind struggling with the concept. That’s cool, only do what feels right!  Just like when coconut water came out, North American taste buds weren’t used to it so many people thought it tasted gross. Now it’s one of the most popular post workout refreshers! But in regards to our bottles, they are very very safe. Otherwise we wouldn’t take the risk selling them!

Can Otiem Bottles save me money?

Yes! The Average American uses 166 plastic bottles of water per year! That’s over $300 a year spent on bottled water. An Otiem pays for itself within the first two weeks with the money you save!

Where do you ship to?

All of our bottles ship from within the USA to to all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Guam. Join our mailing list for FREE shipping on your first order!

Do you ship outside of the USA?

Kinda. We don’t directly however due to popular demand we’ve teamed up with Amazon in order to do this! Amazon has some of the best shipping solutions in the world so if you buy an Otiem bottle from us on Amazon, we can export it from the USA to any country in the world.  BEWARE: Only buy it from Otiem on Amazon, if it’s from another company or seller, we can’t promise it will be 100% pure copper. Look for “Sold by Otiem and Fulfilled by Amazon” when you buy. That’s us! However if you live in the US, just buy it from us directly here! It’s always the same price as our Amazon store and you know you’re buying authentic Otiem bottles! Plus we offer FREE shipping on here too!

How much does shipping cost and how long does it take to arrive?

*Get FREE shipping on your first order today!

Standard shipping (3-5 business days) $5.85

Expedited shipping (2 days) $7.90

Priority shipping (next day) $12.80

Should I clean my copper water bottle before using it for the first time?

It is not a requirement but we always recommend doing this. Just like how you’re supposed to wash clothes before you wear them for the first time. (We are guilty of not doing this.) Every Otiem bottles comes with some basic cleaning instructions in the box.

How do I polish and clean my copper bottle?

So you lost those instructions already huh?  There are other techniques but here’s one of our favorite ways to care for your bottle!  (These are also printed and included in your Otiem box)


Fill the bottle with water and add 3tbsp of lemon juice or white vinegar. 2) Let sit overnight. 3) In the morning, add some baking soda to neutralize the acid followed by a wash with regular dish soap. 4) Rinse thoroughly and air dry

Exterior:  After the interior is clean, take dishwashing soap and a soft sponge or dish cloth and gently wipe the exterior. 2) Rinse with cold water.

3) Immediately dry the bottle with a soft cloth. Be careful, leaving the bottle wet for too long may result in faster oxidation and dark patterns. This is not harmful, just an aesthetic preference.

Can I put tea, coffee, smoothies, juice, or carbonated water in my copper bottle?

We wouldn’t. Copper can react weird with some acidic liquids (anything with a pH of less than 7 to be precise) so we recommend only carrying water in your copper water bottle. However, if you want, pour the water that you’ve stored inside the bottle into your favorite kettle, and then turn it into tea or coffee! That way you still get all the benefits.

What kind of water should I put inside my bottle?

Tap water, Purified, filtered, unfiltered,  bottled or spring water, or water from a fresh stream (if you’re lucky). Any kind of water tastes great from an Otiem as long as it’s not hot!

Can I use essential oils with my copper water bottle?

Again, we don’t recommend putting anything in them besides water. However add your essential oils to your copper charged water after you pour it into a glass and you’ll be good to go to increase the benefits!

Will Otiem copper bottles fit in cup holders?

Yes, our bottles should fit in most car or bike water bottle holders. Many of our customers love bringing them to spin class! Or on the commute to work!

Can I use hot water in my copper water bottle?

Though cold water from an Otiem bottle tastes great, this product is not intended to carry hot water. Carrying hot water in this product may cause severe burns. Do not fill with hot water.

Can I put my water bottle in the dishwasher?

Nope! Hand wash them only!

Can I put my water bottle in the microwave?

No! That would be very dangerous. Don’t ever do this. It’s made of real copper remember? I’m sure Bill Nye has done something on this…just don’t! Our bottles are not intended to carry hot water so there is no reason to ever do this.

Are Otiem copper water bottles eco-friendly?

Last year, Americans used over 50 billion plastic water bottles. Furthermore, the U.S.'s recycling rate for plastic is only 23%. That means 38 billion water bottles, more than $1 billion worth of plastic, are wasted each and every year. They end up in our landfills and floating in our oceans.

That’s an average of 166 plastic bottles per person! And of those 166 bottles we each drank from last year, only 37 would have been recycled!

If we all used an Otiem bottle this year instead, that would save 128 plastic bottles each from ending up in landfills PER PERSON! That’s 38 billion bottles! And that’s just in 2019!

Even if one out of every 100 Americans switched to an Otiem bottle, it would make a major difference. That would still save half a billion plastic bottles per year! And you can be part of the 1% who does by buying one right now! Make the switch to an Otiem copper water bottle you’ll get all the health benefits of drinking from copper water bottles, plus you’ll be doing your part for the environment. Now that’s what we call a win/win situation! What are you waiting for!? You can start saving the planet and get all the health benefits by starting today!

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What’s your story?

We’re proud that we’ve created a high quality water bottle, perfect for the on the go lifestyle of our modern world, but that still honours ancient Ayurvedic traditions. But how and why did we do it?

Years ago, one of our founders was camping, practicing Yoga and rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park over Thanksgiving weekend.

One night under the stars, the topic of PH balanced alkaline water came up, and the many health benefits that come along with it.  The group talked about how hard it was to get good quality water into the desert. Since there are no natural sources of water nearby, all water has to be packed in and more often than not, this water is bought in large plastic bottles from gas stations or grocery stores outside of the park.

Additionally, it is hard to find high quality alkaline water in bulk, even if you’re not in the middle of a desert. Most of the time, it is only available in small individual quantities or you have to create your own at home with expensive alkaline machines. As you can imagine, after a few days of climbing and practicing Yoga in the hot desert sun, even if you made your own alkaline water and packed it to the park, this stuff runs out fast.

Since we try to be as eco conscious as we can, we’re not gonna continuously buy wasteful individual plastic water bottles for our adventuring, so we we’re forced to buy whatever water we can get close by, regardless of the quality.

In turn, because everyone is forced to drink lower quality water for the sake of the availability and the environment, they sacrifice all the proven health benefits that come with drinking alkaline water. A worthy sacrifice, but it was something I still wished we didn’t have to do. Especially as athletes and people who are always on the go.

That’s when we had an idea, what if there was a natural way to somehow create alkaline water, naturally, portably, anywhere in the world. If we could turn any water into alkaline water, then it wouldn’t matter where it came from! Then any water could give you the health benefits that comes with drinking proper alkaline charged water!

It was this idea that led us to the discovery and research of the ancient Indian practice of Ayurvedic medicine, the effect natural copper has on water and eventually, to the creation of the Otiem Copper Water Bottle.

After our design team had nailed the concept for the perfect bottle, it was time to actually manufacture them, and we knew if we were gonna do this, we had to do it right. We needed to go to the masters, so we went over 8000 miles to find them! That’s why Otiem partnered with skilled artisans in India to create each and every bottle by hand, in proper ayurvedic tradition, the way they’ve been doing it for hundreds of years.

Each bottle is handcrafted, polished, then individually inspected by one of our team members to make sure it lives up to Otiem’s high standard of quality, before it is even put on our shelves.

Since our bottles are fulfilled and shipped to you exclusively from our warehouses in the USA, and to honor the California desert that started it all, we proudly put an American Flag on all of our packaging. Even though these days our founders are more like nomads who’ve lived all over the globe, it’s our small thank you to the country where this idea was born, and a reminder to us that in our own small way, we’re able to help contribute to the employment of the hardworking people all over the country who process orders, box, ship and deliver our bottles to you every single day.

Our companies have proudly sold products in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada and even to active US military service members stationed in Guam.

We believe the Otiem Copper water bottle is the perfect blend of our North American active, healthy and eco conscious lifestyle, while still honoring and supporting the Indian people who perfected the ancient techniques that helped Ayurveda and Otiem come to life, and allow us bring our bottles to you, all over the globe.

From the mountains of Canada to the desert of the USA, to the gyms of New York to the Yoga classes of Austin, to wherever you are in the globe. We hope you’re enjoying your Otiem copper water bottle, and we thank you for supporting our dream, your body’s health, and the planet by buying one.

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